Beginning my Journey

Saturday, August 25, 2007

My besti going france le!!!!

Just a few hours ago, i was on the phone with her. She will be leaving for france tml nite. From the call, i can sense that she will cry tml nite. I think if i am in singapore i will cry too. Like when i leave singapore to come here, it will be the same feeling. Even like i am here yet i still can feel the sadness. She will be further away from me. But i believe our friendship will not change because of distance. We can don't contact each other for 2 months and yet know what each other is thinking about. i still wish her all the best in france.

i was just thinking if there is really a need for a person to lose another person completely then he realize the importance of her. i don't understand why need to wait until that situation then you will willing to be nice and care for her. Sometimes i just wonder if the things i have done is being appreciated anot. I don't wish to be taken for granted. The feeling is just bad.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

i wish to have a personal blog. A place i can write down my thoughts, my happiness and unhappiness. so whatever i have written down here, u all can read and leave a comment for mi. But i wish that whatever i have written here will not be the hot topic u all are toking about. so please help mi by giving mi some personal space. thank you.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

i miss ursula!!!!!

hey i am back in singapore on sat. My plane was delayed for abt 2 hrs. In the plane i was damn bored too. haiz i guess that is travelling alone bah. when i saw my family and frens at the airport is like normal. like i didnt went to studies like tat , like i am still in singapore. mum decided to bring all of us to eat cuz i had been fasting since in aust haha. yeam i made it! i told u can bah! haha Now i am sick arghhh. super sian and no one will be at home. i starting to miss my room in uries and of cuz the company in uries. i will be back in no time, so guys dun miss mi too much ah! haha. mum and dad went to work, bro returning to camp later, i really felt lonely and lost. i wish my shifu is here to accompany mi haiz. update again later

Thursday, May 31, 2007

blogging time! erm suppose to be studying but since i juz came back from tutorial i decided to take a rest first be4 starting my revision. ha! juz now i play a joke on jason cuz he wanted to make coffee. so i ask him how come he never make for mi? he said i never give him my cup den i ans can use the paper cup ma. i was joking :) but i was toking to en hae outside my door, he really make coffee for mi! so nice rite! thanx jasonz! i didnt mean it. haha I tink this coffee can really keep mi awake until dunno wut time. yesterday, i went to study in yeam's room cuz if i got qn den i ask him. i dunno y i step in his room i feel as if i step into the exam room. haha good so i can study in tat kind of environment bah. i remember we used to study like tat in poly too. even dun sleep the whole nite. but here when i dun sleep den my frens will scold mi. haha. so different rite! But dun let my mama noe it, she will call and nag le.
He is back! ( if u guys wan to noe who den ask mi lor. i will not say it here). But i have mixed feelings. i wish i dunno it haha. ok need to go study le.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

exams are coming..... and also going home soon!

exams are nearing. i getting more worried too. BUT i believe yat they all know my motto haha that is " i believe i can, i can" i will never give up! haha. i tink i am going to write those words and paste it in my room. yes! i received the stuff that june sent mi le. i am so happy to received it. thanx woman! i share it with my fellow hostel mates. i guess although the things is all my fav but i like it doesnt means that i must have it. so i am willing to share it haha. yesterdAY, my brother told mi that he will take 2 days off from ns when i go back. i am so happy to hear that. even he never said that he miss mi but i can sense it. of course! i miss him too. we are so close to each other. i just finish my stat assignment yesterday nite and i made some chrysanthemum tea too. but when i making it, i spill it while it was hot. but now my hand is ok. and of course cleaning up the mess i created so i onli got to bed at abt 3 plus yesterday nite.

Saturday, May 19, 2007


This week we have this kindness week event in our hall when we suppose to be kind to the person we assign to. The person that got mi as their RAOKF(random act of kindness friend) do a great job. He or she give mi something every day. i also have to be nice to someone too. i have done my job too haha. i guess is the small things tat i receive really make mi smile. A comment make by han yi was that she had never see mi unhappy be4 but the truth is that i can be unhappy at times too. i believe that i should not bring my unhappiness out to my friends but i will rather bring my happiness to them. i tink june understand mi the most. i really want to go back singapore. haiz... exams are coming i need to study.
Ps: i really dun wish to ans ur call, so plz do not call mi. (u noe who u are)

Monday, May 14, 2007


omg i onli blog melbourne trip day 1 haha. i tink i will continue to blog my melboune trip when i am free. ok i am currently undergoing stress by assisgnments ansd exam. exam is in one month time, i seriously need time to study. Pray for mi! And i am going home on 16 june! yay! and also keep my grandma in your prayers too! There are some msg for the following grps of frens!

CG: Wx, py! i miss u guys! i miss your home too. i miss the time we have bible study!

June: Thanx woman for everything u done for mi. i miss u too! call mi k!

Chris: i am goin back on the day u enlist but i hope to see u soon k! stay cool dude!

veron: i saw ur blog, thanx for showing mi the picture although i cant be there, hope to see u soon! smile

Eileen jie jie: thanx for the picture and notebook! i love it!

ok thats all, act is juz simple stuff they do tat really make mi smile everyday! i love u guys!
yah also thanx to all my frens in anu like yeam, leonard,eugene,en hae, huiling, lawerence, jason, wanz , gen , sunny ,Ria , wendy and everyone else! i am glad to have u all as my frens! Love you guys! haha smile always k! cya!